Frankenweenie To Start Filming Spring 2010

Allison Abbate producer of The Corpse Bride confirmed she'd be involved in Tim Burton's upcoming feature film version of his cult-favorite short "Frankenweenie." She also provided a few new details including that the picture will be completely in stop-motion animation.
As to whether the new incarnation will follow the original's 50's theme and be shot in black and white, Abbate hesitates a bit and replies, "Maybe. That's one of the ideas that is being put up. I think it would be really cool." Frankenweenie will begin production in early 2010 for a release conveniently around or before Halloween 2011.
For those of you who are anxiously waiting for news on Dark Shadows Abbat was asked Will he be working on a big screen adaptation of the "Dark Shadows" simultaneously? "Maybe," Abbate says laughing. "He's got to get through 'Alice [in Wonderland' first]."
And as for making the film in the popular 3D format that drove unexpected returns for Henry Selick's "Coraline" this past winter? For any industry pundit it's hard for distributor Walt Disney Studios not to push for it, but Abbate says, "That one we haven't talked about yet."
Originally a 1984 live action short that helped launched Burton's feature film directing career, "Frankenweenie" tells a sweet story about a boy who revives his favorite dead pooch a la "Frankenstein." When he introduces his recharged dog to his neighbors they freak out and after hounding him with pitchforks (just like the original source material), they and end up killing him (again) after he saves his young owner from a fire.