Dark Shadows Will Start Filming Soon

MTV spoke with Sam Sarker about the film production of Dark Shadows. Sam Sarker of Infinitum Nihil has confirmed that Johnny will indeed be starring in the film adaption and that it will soon be going into production. Sarker also say that while all the pieces are not yet in place, “Dark Shadows” is still very much a go at Warner Bros.
“All I can say is that one is very active,” Sarkar said. “The studio will be making some announcements regarding it pretty soon. Very soon, probably.”
Other rumors surrounding the Internet says there was a delay in filming due to Alice In Wonderland taken longer than anticipated. However it seems that Warner Bros already have the shooting schedule in place to start in the fall.


D23 Scans of Tim Burtons Alice In Wonderland

So hear are some scans recently published on The Internet from D23's Issue showing Pictures of Tim Burtons Alice In Wonderland. You can view the rest @ loudappeal just click on the magnifying glass to enlarge.


Tim Burton Features In News D23 Magazine

Tim Burton is featured in the next issue of D23 Magazine from Disney. Titled "Through Tim Burton's Looking Glass" Tim gives an exclusive first look at his marvelously imaginative interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. For more information you can vist the D23 Website @