Tim Burtons "9" Trailer

The first trailer and footage for Focus Features' mysterious film 9 has hit the web. "9" is a computer animated film produced by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov best know for Wanted and Nightwatch. 9 is directed by former WETA Digital artist Shane Acker, and featuring the music of Danny Elfman. View Trailer Below:


Alan Rickman In Burtons Wonderland

Movies Online had the pleasure of sitting down with Alan Rickman at the Culver Studios in Los Angeles (where he’s currently filming Alice in Wonderland with Tim Burton. MoviesOnline: What are you playing in Alice in Wonderland? ALAN RICKMAN: The caterpillar. MoviesOnline: A caterpillar? How do you get into something like that? ALAN RICKMAN: Well, fortunately it’s animated. MoviesOnline: Oh, okay. ALAN RICKMAN: But it’s my face on an animated caterpillar. So, it’s a mixture. The movie is a mixture of live action, animation, and stop motion, so it’s very complicated and I don’t think all three have been put together ever before. Checkout Full Interview at Movies Online


Anne Hathaway In Wonderland with Burton

Anne Hathaway, who plays the White Queen in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie, told a group of reporters that her character is entirely live-action in a practical costume. The film, based on Lewis Carroll's books, combines live action, computer animation and motion-capture animation in 3-D. "I am actually an actor not affected by CGI in it," Hathaway said in a group interview on Dec. 5 in Beverly Hills, Calif., where she was promoting Bride Wars. "I believe I'm one of the very few." Specifics on the look of the characters are still under wraps, but Hathaway shared her impressions of her rabbit-hole persona. "If I was a bunny holding a knife, that's what my character would look like," she said. "I'm sorry, that's my impression." Though the director is known for his scattered, ADD thoughts, Hathaway found Burton to be right on her wavelength. "I don't know what it says about me, but he always made absolute sense to me. I also think [that] because I'm such a fan of Tim Burton's I know his aesthetic so well; I kind of just have an idea from years of being a fan about what he might want." Hathaway compared Burton's style with other noteworthy collaborators. "I love working with directors," she said. "I think the director is the go-to person. It should be their vision that makes it up on screen, and so I love showing up and putting myself in someone else's hands. Jonathan [Demme] and I spoke in a shorthand as well, and I've worked with other directors before. Ang [Lee] gave me two directions on Brokeback [Mountain], which was 'she's a predator' and 'more subtle.' Obviously I'm exaggerating. There was more than that, but I had worked with directors before who say meaningful things but don't say much. So there was just kind of a continuation of that." Source:


Tim Burtons Set For Dark Shadows

Johnny Depp News has reported in their recent post that filming may begin as soon as next summer in London. According to the article originally posted by Collider Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub from Collinder.Com had a one on one with producers Richard D. Zanuck and David Heyman. Video interview Here


Sweeny Todd Nominated for Grammy

Sweeny Todd has been nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media. Nominees in this Category are: Sweeny Todd, American Gangster, August Rush, Juno & Mamma Mia.