Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit A Tribute to Tim Burton

We told you about Tim Burton's, career perspective which will run from Nov. 22, 2009 to Apr. 26, 2010, which is the largest show ever presented by MoMA’s film department which includes the Hollywood auteur’s filmmaker’s juvenilia and drawings on hotel stationary as well as material from his 14 films. On November 17th MoMA is holding a film benefit A Tribute to Tim Burton which boasts the presence of Johnny Depp as well as Helena Bonham Carter. The show is organized by film dept. curators Ron Magliozzi, Jenny He and Rajendra Roy, and sponsored by SyFy, the science fiction cable television channel.


Bruna said...

AWESOME, i'm a huge Burton's fan, I just wish i could go. He is my inspiration. He deserves this tribute.

Kathy! said...

I Love You man!!! You're Rock my world... You're art is AWESOME!!!